WATCHMAN, What of the Night?

Who is a watchman? He is someone that is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of others. He is called to a world of sacrifice where he stays awake when others sleep; he endures all manner of weathers in order to remain watchful.
Watchmen in time past were always provided with a form of elevation that enabled them to see far and they could advise if enemies were approaching. In fact, they could be so skilful that despite the absence of tools such as telescope, they could determine who was approaching. For example, a watchman could detect that Jehu was the one riding a horse because of the fury noticed. 2 Kings 9:20.

In the day time, watchmen are needed but when they are needed most is in the night. In fact the scripture clearly states it that unless that Lord watches over a city, the watchmen stay awake in vain. Ps 127:1. This clearly depicts that to say we are watchmen and we don’t stay awake is to claim what we are not!

For any of my reader to be able to read this article, you must have had some people watching over you. Without a watchman, you would not have survived in the first 48 hours of your existence in this planet. In case you’ve forgotten, you were helpless and defenceless in the first few months of being here. In fact, you needed watchmen and women all the time. Don’t forget that there was a time when you could not talk and you were not even aware of your environment in any way. There was a watchman who had a womb. You were in that womb for about 9 months. Thank God for medical equipment like scanners etc. However, there was the greatest Watchman, the mighty God who watched over you as your mother drank /ate hot things and this did not kill you as an embryo. She drank cold water and this did not make you catch a flu that would affect you as a fragile being.

Oh, your mother may not have told you some unpalatable situations that she experienced because of you. Did she tell you of her ordeal while in labour? You may not know how many night she watched over you to ensure you did not die in your sleep. Without the master Watchman, her staying awake at night, nursing you in the womb, nursing you when you were born would not have achieved anything.

My father, siblings, uncles, aunties, teachers, schoolmates, friends, church members, pastors etc. played major roles in watching over me to have brought me to the level I am. The enemies have always been greater and the only way I always beat them is when I don’t fight them alone. When the weather was very cold and threatened to freeze me to death, someone gave me accommodation, warm clothing etc and I was preserved. When hunger, the frequent enemy that we all contest with daily threatened to finish me, someone gave me food from herself. Who knows how many times I even bit the source of my earliest food, my mother’s breasts?

Watchman, what of the night?

Dear reader, for you to be able to read this, it means you are qualified to be a watchman. Indeed, you are one. Congratulations! Even though you still need support of God and others in many areas of your life, when will you also begin to provide a support to others?

I have heard many blame their parents, pastors, environment, government etc. for their woes. Valid as this may be, this should be a reason to dare to be different! If your parents’ marriage was a terrible example and you are a product of a broken home, now that you know the pains and agony of such, you should be the best watchman to prevent homes from breaking! Yes, you should be a better spouse than your parents!

Without this kind of mentality, our gates would remain opened to all woes and pains. It is not normal for thunder to strike the same spot twice in a day! If your family became poor because your father was a drunk, should you also be companion of bottles? You should be a watchman!

Most of the time, the people we call leaders only teach us how not to lead and so I have decided that I will allow the Great Watchman to guide me to be the best leader I could be, at home, in the church, in the work place and anywhere I find myself. Would you take similar decision today?

At noon time, almost anyone can watch over his head. What of the night? The night is the most challenging time. It is in darkest night that light is most appreciated. Which bulb can match the light that the Sun provides in the day? As watchmen, we are needed mostly at night.

The devil wants to steal, kill and destroy when people are sleeping. It’s our responsibility to ensure the safety of the people that God has privileged us to lead. How can we ensure this unless we are ready to accept responsibilities?
We are in the days when people do not want to accept responsibilities. Are you an old bachelor / spinster who is refusing to marry so as to avoid responsibility? You are not a good watchman. Do you know there are some workers that beg that they should not be promoted to the manager grade so that they would always be able to close promptly and nobody would hold them accountable for anything?
Are you the type that just comes to fellowship or church to receive and there is no plan to give back in anyway? You are bad watchman. You are not in that church only to listen to good music and message. You are not there so that you may be awarded a contract. It is a platform for you to receive nutrients that would make you grow enough to begin to sow the seed of the gospel in people’s lives.
When many of us were growing up, we recognised every neighbour that was older as someone that could correct us. Now, we watch teenagers dress anyhow, talk anyhow, behave anyhow even in the church and we keep quiet. We do not want to hurt a fly and so good men and women do nothing even when they know evil is prevailing. Poor watchman, your lackadaisical attitude has its reward.

But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes the life of one of them, that man will be taken away because of his sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for his blood.’ Eze 33:6 NIV

What do we do when our church members that are politicians are known to be stealing public money? Do we rebuke them or pamper them to donate more to the church? Of what advantage is the platform God has given us to watch over his people? As pastor, do you twist the message God gives you in order to suit some people? There is the need to repent.
Watchman, the night cometh when no one can work. (John 9:4). That may explain why Jesus Christ worked in the day. If Christ delays His coming, many believers would weep at night time (old age). That son that is not watched over when you’re pursuing money, that girl you could not watch over as you pursue career and has grown rebellious would give you your performance record.
Pastor, what excuse would be tenable for that person that backslid and refused Christ because of you? Watchman, are you thinking of the night?

How can you be the best watchman that you could be?
1. Understand your sphere of influence, the platform God has given you and resolve to use this to His glory. If you don’t, you have defeated your purpose on earth!
2. Seek and understand who you are expected to watch over. If you don’t, you may be playing another person’s roles and of course, there will be no reward for that and you would still be penalised for not doing what is expected of you.
3. Understand the method to be used. Are you going to warn people through tracts, books, music, phone calls, radio broadcast, SMS etc. or direct contact? You assignment would determine the best approach.
4. Review your activities daily particularly at night so that you may know how prepared you are towards the “night” when no man can work.
If you agree with me that God has made you a watchman over some people, then replace the word “watchman” with your name, and daily ask, …….., What of the night?

May we be the light that God ordained us to be.

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